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James Lutzweiler

"I can't imagine how to capture the journey I have been on since leaving Duquesne. But suffice to say, that program launched me on my career and provided me the links to get out and back into international development."

That was how, in 2007, Jim Lutzweiler summarized what he took from his experience in the Policy Center, ten years after he first came to Duquesne as a Peace Corps Fellow.

Jim served as a forestry volunteer in Ghana from 1994 to 1996. He established a tree nursery and tree planting projects in 40 communities in the rural northwest of the country and engaged in environmental education.

After leaving the Peace Corps he worked briefly for the Chicago Housing Authority, where he became interested in urban development and housing policy. He pursued this interest in the Policy Center, where as a Fellow he first worked on housing development at Manchester Citizens Corporation, then on laying the groundwork for a new initiative for local housing authorities, Lead Free Pittsburgh, at the Heinz Endowments, a prestigious Pittsburgh Foundation.

At the Policy Center Jim studied Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies and was instrumental in founding a student-led African conflict resolution organization, the Ubuntu Network. He also took the lead in cultivating a relationship with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), leading to his taking positions with CRS in Nigeria (where he met and married his wife Thelma) and South Africa.

In South Africa, Jim took a position with World Vision, the largest distributor of food aid in the world, which brought him back to the States as a food aid policy analyst. He prepared World Vision's Congressional testimony on food aid and spoke on panels at the World Bank and Congressional Hunger Center.

In 2007 Jim moved to World Learning as Director of Outreach.  In 2009 he joined a South African-based organization, Joint Aid Management, as Vice President for Strategic Development .