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Jing Li

Photo of Jing LiJing Li came to the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy courtesy of Duquesne’s sister school in China, Northern Jiao Tong University in Beijing. Li’s studies at Duquesne marked the first time she had traveled outside China. The small classes and personal attention students receive in the Policy Center were extremely welcoming to Li. In her words, “They made me feel at home. I was totally amazed by the professionalism and warmth of faculties and staff at the Policy Center. I not only learned about social and public policy, but also the tools and method to study literally any new subject.  It helps my career and personal life tremendously.”

While working toward a master’s degree at Duquesne, Li interned at United Nations headquarters, where she was a witness to the September 11th attacks. This internship helped guide her toward a profession in journalism.

Jing Li filmingUpon completing her studies at Duquesne, Li became a reporter for Voice of America in Washington, D.C., a multinational network broadcasting in over 40 languages throughout the world. There Li hosted “Fashion Inn,” “American Report,” and “Cultural Odyssey.” This position gave her the experience and knowledge to secure a job as a CBS News producer for the Network News Services (NNS) in New York City. Li oversees the news room during weekday overnights to collect, edit and write news information for ABC, CBS and Fox network and affiliates broadcast around the country. In 2008, Li joined NBC New York, the number one news market in the country, as a producer, where she writes, shoots, interviews, edits and produces stories for the daily broadcast.

Li has also developed and filmed a documentary titled 8 Years. It tells Li’s story of leaving China as a student and returning eight years later as a journalist to cover the 2008 Olympic Games. She has turned her initial interest in journalism into a successful and productive career at some of the highest possible levels.

Jing Li with Connie ChungJing Li with Connie Chung