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The Gerontology Minor and Gerontology Certificate

The Gerontology Certificate is intended to provide a brief background in the same essential knowledge, vocational application and sociological perspective provided in our Minor. Essential knowledge includes a general understanding of concepts, theories and empirical knowledge and an application of this information to issues associated with aging (covered in two required courses: Survey of Sociology & Sociology of Aging). This knowledge is situated in vocational application to specific organizations and institutions (covered in our required Fieldwork course and in electives such as Helping Process and Introduction to Human Services). The Gerontology Certificate, like the minor, provides students with a sociological perspective in understanding how occupations in gerontology, health care and affiliated human services are embedded in larger social patterns and issues of social justice (covered in our elective courses). Finally, the Gerontology Minor will take a conceptual approach to exploring the material and will foster critical thinking about aging, health and society.

Official permission of the Sociology Department is required to register for the Gerontology Certificate.

We require that students meet with the Department Chair in order to better plan their course selections. Students must also officially register for the Gerontology Minor or Certificate following the guidelines for their School.

Liberal Arts students must register for the certificate or minor in DORI.