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Newman Lectures

The National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) hosts a distinguished Newman Lecture each spring and fall in cooperation with the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts. In the spring, NINS hosts the Newman Legacy Lecture, which features a scholar whose work extends the legacy of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman in an important way. In the fall, NINS hosts the Newman Memorial Lecture, which features a scholar whose work deepens our understanding of Newman's life and thought.

For more information, email newmanstudies@ninsdu.org or call 412.681.4375.

Upcoming Newman Memorial Lecture

April 3, 2014, 5 p.m. Duquesne Union Ballroom: The Prophetic Newman

Dr. Brad Gregory Join distinguished philosopher and historian, Dr. Brad Gregory as he communicates Newman's understanding of Christian truth, the development of doctrine, the consequences of the Reformation, and the challenges of modernism to Christianity that gave Newman an acute sense of "where things were headed." For more information, please download the lecture poster.

About Dr. Brad Gregory: Dr. Gregory is the Dorothy G. Griffin Professor of Early Modern European History in the Department of History at The University of Notre Dame. He is the influential author of many books, including Reforming the Reformation: God's Truth and the Exercise of Power.

Previous Lectures

Sept. 19, 2013: The Theology of Faith and Newman's Oxford University Sermons

Distinguished theologian Dr. Mark McIntosh returned to the Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman's classic Oxford University Sermons. Contrary to the dominant modern practice, Professor McIntosh follows Newman in refusing to analyze the nature of faith in abstraction from theological beliefs. Dr. McIntosh discussed Newman's arguments against the great Enlightenment philosopher, John Locke, showing that they can lead to a renewal of the theology of faith.

April 18, 2013: Did Mary Die? Newman on Sin, Death and Mary’s Mortality

Distinguished theologian Dr. Paul Griffiths explored the writings of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman on Mary. Professor Griffiths finds a tension in Newman’s thought between his suggestion that Mary was assumed bodily into heaven without dying and his insistence that she did in fact die. As Dr. Griffiths explored this tension and attempted to resolve it, he showed the relevance of Newman’s thinking on this issue to a broader understanding of the relation between sin and death.

Watch Dr. Griffiths' lecture.

Sept. 18, 2012:  Newman on the Development of Doctrine: The Myth of the Rational Assessment of Christianity

Dr. Cyril O'Regan returned to Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman's classic "Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine." Professor O'Regan reminded us that in Newman's day any "development" of religious teaching was considered a corruption. He claimed that Newman's great achievement was to expose this assumption as an uncritical prejudice and to make a theological case for development as the natural course of doctrine in a healthy, living Church.

March 19, 2012: Newman and the Restoration of the Interpersonal in Higher Education

Rev. Michael Buckley, S.J., Ph.D., discussed Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman's classic work The Idea of the University as a source of inspiration and challenge to contemporary higher education. While universities today increasingly are focused on research and the production of knowledge for commercial use, Fr. Buckley finds that, for Newman, the primary purpose of universities is to cultivate intellectual excellence in students to aid their maturation into whole persons.


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