Graduate Certificate or Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies

This inter- and multi-disciplinary certificate/concentration program aims to introduce graduate students to and help them develop expertise in the rapidly expanding areas of scholarship focused upon women and gender that have developed within the academy during the past thirty years and that are transforming scholarship in virtually every academic discipline today. Indeed, serious scholars today cannot ignore the vast body of firmly established scholarship in the areas of women's and gender studies and its general impact on scholarship and the disciplines.

Courses draw upon past and current research in women's studies, feminist theory, and gender studies; upon the Duquesne faculty whose research and teaching have been focused in these areas; and upon many already established and new graduate courses with a focus on women's and gender issues.

The certificate / concentration offers students the opportunity to focus and receive official recognition for their work in the area of women's and gender studies.

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Concentration / Certificate Requirements

  • For the Concentration, a total of 9 graduate credit-hours (3 courses) of WSGS courses officially cross-listed with courses offered by the various graduate programs.
    For the Certificate, a total of 15 graduate credit-hours (5 courses) of WSGS courses officially cross-listed with courses offered by the various graduate programs.

    All requirements listed below are for both the Concentration and the Certificate:
  • At least one WSGS course must be in the student's own discipline.
  • At least one WSGS course must be in a discipline other than the student's own--or a course that is approved as substantially interdisciplinary (even if taught within the student's own department).
  • Students may petition to have a course not listed as WSGS accepted if it will have a substantial women's and gender studies component and if the student engages in a major project or paper in the course in the field of women's and gender studies.
  • No more than one course may be a Directed Study.
  • All courses must be passed with at least a "B" grade.
  • A thesis or dissertation that focuses substantially on issues of gender may count as one of the required courses.

Graduate Certificate / Concentration Requirements

Course Modifications

In addition to the above courses, students may also submit a proposal to substitute a non-WGS course to fulfill a requirement for the WGS Graduate Certificate or Concentration. Consult the specifications prior to submitting a proposal.


Students register for the Graduate Certificate or Concentration Program by completing the enrollment form and scheduling a meeting with the Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies. It is best for graduate students to enroll as early as possible in their graduate program to discuss their program of study for the Certificate or Concentration. Students are then to meet with the Director each term before registering for courses to seek the Director's approval of courses they take for the Certificate or Concentration.

Course Completion

At the end of each semester, students in the Certificate/Concentration Programs should submit a Course Completion form for all WGS courses taken that term.


Graduate students should meet with the director and complete these graduation steps to complete the Women's and Gender Studies Certificate or Concentration.

Conference Funding

A limited amount of conference funding is available each year for WSGS graduate students presenting work related to women's, gender, and/or sexuality studies. Contact the Center for Women's and Gender Studies for more information, or email us your application for WGS Graduate Conference Funding and all relevant forms.