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MAP (McAnulty Academic Program) Internships

In conjunction with its goal of assisting all students in achieving their disciplinary excellence, the College offers both graduate and undergraduate 3-credit internships at the departmental level. Most of these internships fulfill either a department major or a graduate degree requirement.

· To qualify to take an internship, an undergraduate student must first have completed at least 45 undergraduate credits. There is no credit requirement for graduate internships.

· Each department provides a list of 3-credit internships from which its qualified and interested majors or graduate students may choose a possible site.

· Working with the Internship Coordinator of his or her department, an undergraduate student then selects a possible site from this list and then follows through on the specific application process the site requires to secure it.

· If chosen for the site, the student then is allowed to enroll in the department's 3-credit internship course for the following semester.

Students must spend an average of 8 hours per week for the internship, including the time needed to research and write an accompanying final project on the internship experience. If an internship straddles two contiguous semesters, then the student may take an incomplete on the course in the subsequent semester until it is done.

If you have an opening for an internship within your organization, please fill out this form. We would love to discuss the opportunity with you in greater detail.