McAnulty Academic Program (MAP) Internships

The College offers both graduate and undergraduate 1-3 credit internships at the departmental level that can for the most part fulfill either a department major or a graduate degree requirement.

Finding a MAP Internship

Departmental Internships

Each department provides a list of internship opportunities from which its qualified and interested majors or graduate students may choose.

Washington, D.C. Internships

The College collaborates with the Washington Internship Institute and American University's Washington Semester Program. To enroll in either program, contact your College academic advisor. Students accepted to these programs register at Duquesne and pay Duquesne University's tuition, as well as room and board fees. Duquesne then transfers the payments to the D.C. entities. Interested applicants should read carefully the following procedures.

London, UK Internships

AIFS London-Richmond's semester-long program combines a rigorous academic program and individual attention with a unique opportunity to spend 10 weeks working in major British or international institutions. With a full-time student body of 1,200 from over 100 countries, Richmond makes global culture part of the internship experience. Housing and meals are in college residence halls. Be sure to review Duquesne University's policies and procedures for study abroad if you decide to apply. Application deadlines to Duquesne University are March 5 (summer and fall) and October 5 (spring).

MAP Policies and Procedures

  • Undergraduate students must first have completed at least 45 undergraduate credits to qualify for an internship. No credit requirement exists for graduate students.
  • Undergraduate students should contact and work with their departmental Internship Coordinator, and graduate students should contact and work with their departmental Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Once students have selected possible internships for which to apply, they should then follow through on the application process as specified by the particular internship.
  • After securing an internship, the student then must enroll in the department's internship course for 1-3 credits for the semester in question.
  • Students must spend a minimum of 120 hours at their internship site to earn 3 credits, this does not include the time needed to research and write an accompanying final project on the internship experience.
  • If an internship straddles two contiguous semesters, then the student may take an incomplete until it is done.