JPIC Courses

This program is no longer active

You can think of JPIC courses as tools in a toolkit that you can carry with you to help you in your ministry. The courses are free of charge. They are freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world that access to the Internet is available.

Each  course consists of the presentations on this Web site and a Wikispace that will allow you to share and compare your experiences in the course with those of other students. If you are studying with a group under the direction of a local course coordinator you will also have the opportunity of face-to-face meetings in which you can discuss the course and your experiences in applying it to your ministry.

Courses are designed for students who have completed secondary school, at least. Each course is designed to take approximately 45 hours to complete.

Four courses are currently available. We plan to add courses as time goes by. If there is a particular tool or course that you think would especially help you in your ministry we invite you to write to make your thoughts known.