Learning Communities

As a first-year McAnulty College of Liberal Arts student, you will be a part of a Residential Learning Community. Learning communities foster an environment where new students can successfully transition to college life, both academically and socially. Students benefit from learning and living alongside peers who share their interests and working closely with faculty in small-group settings.

Each Learning Community cohort takes three thematically-related courses together in the fall semester. On campus students also live together on Learning Community-designated residence hall floors. Explore each of our learning communities to determine which is the best fit for you.

Learning Community Goals

  • Help students learn to make connections between fields of study
  • Promote the development of skills and habits that will prepare students for their academic career
  • Encourage collaboration between students and between students and instructors 
  • Help first-year students in the College find friends and study companions
  • Create a sense of identity and unity among students in the College of Liberal Arts

With a focus on small groups of students, communities quickly form their own identity. Each community has a Latin name that captures its emphasis and focus. Every community class satisfies either a McAnulty College of Liberal Arts or Bridges Common Learning Experience (CLE) requirement.  Some communities will have BRDG 101C - Writing and Analysis integrated into the community and other communities will take that class with students from across the university.

Africa Learning Community IconAFRICA
Unique people - diverse places - enhanced opportunities

EQ 104C - How to Understand Africa?
PHIL/AFST 209C - African Philosophy

Artes Learning Community IconARTES
Creativity, passion, and beauty

ENGL 228C - Graphic Novels & Visual Narrative in 21st C.
ARHY 111C - Art History: Ancient to Medeival World

Catholica Learning Community IconCATHOLICA
Connecting faith, reason and imagination to the whole of life

CATH 205C - I Believe: Principles of the Catholic Faith
EQ 119C - What is Love? Soul Mates & Soul Friends

Civitas Learning Community IconCIVITAS
Creating engaged citizens in their communities, their nation, and the world

POSC 105C - American National Government
COMM 102C - Public Speaking
BRDG 101C - Writing and Analysis

Trust, Confidence, Belief, Faith

COMM 103C - Exploring Interpersonal Communication
PHIL 160C - Reality & Illusion
BRDG 101C - Writing and Analysis

Intersectio Learning Community IconINTERSECTIO
The crossroads of identity and social justice

EQ 109C - What is Gender?
BRDG 101C - Writing & Analysis

Exploring theories and meditative practices from psychology & spirituality

PSYC 260C - Psychology, Religion & Spirituality
THEO 210C - Buddhist-Christian Dialogue

Narratio Learning Community IconNARRATIO
Engaging the world through stories

MDIA 140C - Media Literacy
ENGL 113C - Diversity & Literature

Orbis Learning Community IconORBIS
Explore the world, learn about other cultures, and confront human rights challenges

WDLI 103C - New Voices, Questions, Realities
COMM 114C - Exploring Intercultural Comm
BRDG 101C - Writing and Analysis

Ratio Learning Community IconRATIO (not open to Math/Comp Sci. majors)
Ask better questions; work toward more satisfying answers

SOCI 106C - Social Problems
MATH 125C - Fundamentals of Statistics  

Cultivate compassion for the Earth and those who inhabit it

ENGL 201C - Confronting the Eco-Apocalypse 
HIST 141C - Environmental History