Unique People - Diverse Places - Enhanced Opportunities

Director: Dr. Anna Scheid (Theology)


The AFRICA learning community will incorporate classes that emphasize discovering and better understanding the vast continent of Africa. Special attention will be focused on dispelling common misconceptions and assumptions about Africa, African Philosophy, how Africa relates to the rest of the world, and literary constructions of Africa.

The AFRICA Learning Community is comprised of two courses: AFST 150C Introduction to African Studies and THEO 281C African Religions. The learning community will focus on exploring and understanding the people, places and ideas of the continent to understand the vast diversity of the people on the continent and their philosophies.

Fall 2022 Courses

AFST 150C Introduction to African Studies (MWF 10am), Anna Scheid (Theology)

This course will present inter/multi-disciplinary perspectives on sub-Saharan Africa paying attention to the many factors -society, politics, economics, culture, literature, religion, ecology, among others- that have shaped the region and impact its role in our world today.

THEO 281C African Religions (TR 9:25am), Fr. Elochukwu Uzukwu (Theology)

It explores indigenous, traditional and contemporary African religious expressions and belief systems with special attentio to the particular location in which the course is situated. Through assigned readings and engagement with select African religious rituals and practices, this course seeks to give greater insight and understanding into the reasoning, practices and expressions of African religions.