Creativity, passion, and beauty

Faculty: Amy Cymbala, Art History, Matthew Ussia, English


Fall 2021

ARHY 111C Art History: Ancient to Medieval World  (TR 1:40pm) Dr. Amy Cymbala (Art History)

A chronology oriented, detailed presentation of the history of Western art. This survey deals with Near Eastern, Greek, Roman, Early Christian and Medieval art.

ENGL 228C Graphic Novels in the 21st Century (MWF 11:00am) Matthew Ussia (English)

This Artes Learning Community Class will explore the new generation of graphic novelists who push the boundaries of visual storytelling in the areas of narrative content, representation, and aesthetic convention. Shying away from the more familiar superhero comic book, figures like Chris Ware, Allie Brosh, Seth, Nick Drnaso, Derf, Gene Luen Yang, and Aaron McGruder have all taken the conventions of the comic book and expanded the scope of possibilities for visual narrative. By drawing on pop culture conventions, as well as centuries old techniques for conveying meaning, the artists who create the 21st Century Graphic Novel remake the comic for our contemporary hyper-visual meme-based culture, creating a new kind of visual literacy.