Connecting faith, reason and imaginaion to the whole of life

Director: Kenneth Parker, Chair, Department of Catholic Studies

Program Manager: Gerriet Suiter


Fall 2021

CATH 205C I Believe: Principles of the Catholic Faith, Fr. Drew Morgan (Catholic Studies)

The center of the Catholic faith is Jesus Christ, who as the eternal Son of God became human, reveals who God is and the meaning and goal of human existence. The Church's reception of his revelation is articulated in the ancient statements of faith known as the creeds. Using the Apostles' Creed as our guide, this course will explore the basic principles of the Catholic faith and explicate the thinking which they entail.

EQ 119C What is Love? - Soul Mates and Soul Friends, Dr. Kathleen Roberts (Catholic Studies)

An Essential Questions course. This course surveys theological and philosophical ideals of storge, philia, eros, and agape. Special attention is paid to St. Brigid's model of the anam cara, soul friend, and St. Aelred's writings on friendship.