Preparing student-citizens to understand, appreciate, and engage with diverse global communities and their unique challenges.

Director: Dr. Kristen Coopie, Political Science/Pre-Law Center


Fall 2022

POSC 105C American National Government (TR 12:12pm) Kristen Coopie (Political Science/Pre-Law)

This survey course is designed to provide students with a foundation for understanding and critically assessing American political processes, institutions, and public policies.

The course aims to help students recognize the ways in which government is meant to protect and support its citizens, despite the great diversity of demographics and ideology present in society. Students are encouraged to become informed, active, critical, and inquisitive citizens by being given knowledge of the institutions and activities of governments at the federal, state, and local levels.

 COMM 102C Public Speaking (MWF 11:00am) TBD (Comm. & Rhetorical Studies)

Develops communicative skills necessary to analyze verbal discourse and to perform effectively in public speaking situations that confront the educated person. Emphasizes the importance of standpoint and worldview in understanding, developing, and articulating positions.

This course prepares students for a key task of engaged citizenship: creating and delivering messages in the form of public speeches informed by worldview and faith commitments, and supported by reasoning and evidence.