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Director: Dr. James Swindal

Faculty members of Fides: Dr. Janie Fritz & Trevor Root


Fall 2021

BRDG 101C Writing and Analysis (TR 12:15pm) Trevor Root (English)

Practice in analysis and expression in many disciplines, as preparation for other work in the university-wide integrated Core Curriculum and for later courses throughout the university.

PHIL 160C Reality and Illusion (MWF 11:00am) Dr. James Swindal (Philosophy)

Through an engagement with philosophers writing and thinking from a variety of perspectives, this introductory-level course addresses competing notions of reality, illusion, truth, evidence, opinion, fact, and fiction. It asks some of the following questions: What is real? Some think the senses inform us about what is real, some think reason does, while others think reality derives from divine revelation. Are communities reliable guides to what is real or must thinkers who wish to know what is real discover it for themselves? Is knowledge even possible, and if so, how can we ‘acquire' it and what might that mean? How might we frame the relation between existence and knowledge? What might be the value of illusion and fiction? What is the value of truth and is there truth in values?

COMM 103C Exploring Interpersonal Communication (TR 9:25am) Dr. Janie Fritz (Comm. & Rhetorical Studies)

Exploring Interpersonal Communication deals with how our worldviews, particularly our beliefs about the meaning of human existence, inform the way we communicate with others in various types of relationships and guide our understanding of interpersonal justice.

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