telling, relating, narrative, story

Engaging the world through stories.

Director: Dr. Thomas Kinnahan, English



Interpret, analyze, and respond to narratives in many forms, including literature, film, and other media. Learn how narrative techniques are used in multiple disciplines. Develop writing, research, presentation, and critical thinking skills to foster effective communication in a variety of academic and professional fields.

Fall 2022

ENGL 113C Literature & Diversity (MWF 12:00pm) Dr. Tom Kinnahan (English)

We will examine ways that authors and filmmakers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds have employed narrative as a form of cultural and artistic expression. The course will survey modes of storytelling as expressed in a variety of media and across multiple cultural traditions.

MDIA 140C Media Literacy (TR 10:50am) Michael Dillon (Media)

Media Literacy explores media industries, practices and issues. Regardless of their major or area of study, all college students should understand the grammars and methods that underpin media messages; they should know the identities and motives of those who create media messages and platforms; they should understand the relationship between media and politics, and how media framing subtly shapes political decision-making; they should have a thorough understanding of the personal and public implications of social media. 

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