Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies Minor is a 15-credit, interdisciplinary minor that promotes understanding of Jewish identity and heritage and fosters dialogue and understanding with members of other faiths. McAnulty College of Liberal Arts faculty involved in the creation and delivery of the minor are from the psychology, sociology, modern languages and theology departments. 

Three required courses may be taken from the following minor core curriculum:

  • JWST 212: Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures of Ancient Israel (Dr. Bogdan Bucur)
  • JWST 271: Anti-Semitism (Dr. Marie Baird and Dr. Daniel Burston)
  • SOCI 272, MLFR/MLGE/MLIT/MLSP 270: Perspectives on the Holocaust (Dr. Mark Frisch and Dr. Matt Schneirov) 

Two elective courses may be taken from the following options, with more options to follow:

  • JWST 283: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Dr. Marinus Iwuchukwu)
  • PSYC 204B: Science, Psychology, and the Holocaust (Dr. Leswin Laubscher)
  • JWST 209: Voices from the Holocaust (Dr. Marie Baird)
  • JWST 200W: Classical Sociological Theory (Dr. Sarah MacMillen)

For more information, please contact the Director of the Jewish Studies Minor, Dr. Marie Baird.