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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS)

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary, multifaceted program of study in the history, literature, philosophy, theology, art, architecture, language, and legacy of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. MARS provides students a variety of sources, methodologies, and disciplines for approaching people, events, texts, ideologies, institutions, and artifacts from late antiquity through the seventeenth century.

MARS students seek to understand the culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, how it was shaped by antiquity, and how this period gave birth to the modern western world. By the end of this course of study, MARS students:

  • Will be able to articulate the literary, historical, material, cultural, social, and political features distinctive to the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • Will demonstrate knowledge of how the Middle Ages and Renaissance adopt, re-shape, and reject features of antiquity and how modernity, in turn, adopts, re-shapes, and rejects its Medieval and Renaissance roots.
  • Will be able to identify, analyze, and evaluate primary and secondary sources relevant to multiple disciplines.
  • Will gain proficiency in writing across disciplines in Medieval and Renaissance Studies and will demonstrate the ability to utilize and combine research approaches from multiple disciplines.
Requirements for the MARS minor
  • At least 15 credit hours (five courses) in Medieval and/or Renaissance coursework.
  • No more than six credit hours (two courses) from any given department may count toward the total of 15 credit hours.

Students may count courses from their major(s), additional minor(s), or other course work towards the MARS minor provided that they do not count more than six credit hours (two courses) from any given department. Students may seek permission from the MARS director to take no more than one independent study / directed reading course for credits toward the minor.

Some examples of MARS courses
  • HIST 171: History of Christianity
  • HIST 213: Western Civilization I
  • HIST 265: England to 1715
  • HIST 401W: Medieval Europe
  • HIST 413W: Renaissance Europe: Courts and Nobles
  • ARHY 111: Art History: Ancient to Medieval World
  • ARHY 112: Art History: Renaissance to Modern World
  • CLSX 234: Demons, Angels, Sinners & Saints
  • CLSX 236: Greek, Roman & Medieval Mothers
  • CLSX 250: The Rise of Constantine & Christianity
  • LATN 312: Medieval Latin
  • THEO 220: Jesus the Christ
Modern Languages and Literatures
  • MLFR 462W: Survey of French Literature I: Middle Ages to 17th Century
  • MLSP 401W: Survey of Spanish Literature I: El Cid to el Siglo de Oro
  • MLSP 440W: Good and Bad Women in Medieval Literature
  • MLIT 321W: Survey of Italian Literature I: Middle Ages to 17th Century
Theater Arts
  • THEA 210: History of Theater I (Ancient to Renaissance)
MARS Program Directors

Dr. Sarah Breckenridge Wright, Department of English
Dr. Sarah Miller, Department of Classics