Explore the Paths to Peace through Conflict Resolution

Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution is an undergraduate minor open to all students at Duquesne. The program is intended to further Duquesne’s mission to help create a more peaceful and just world. As a student in this program, your study will focus on:

  • Searching for solutions to domestic and international problems
  • Understanding the causes of war, violence, and oppression
  • Developing skills in conflict analysis and resolution
  • Preparing for further academic study, or for careers in fields which relate to peace and justice, broadly conceived. These include but are not limited to advocacy, policy, law, education, conflict resolution, government, and sustainable development.

This an inter- and multi-disciplinary program based in the social sciences and the humanities. The program draws on courses from departments and programs including History, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology.