Process to Create a Self-designed Major

  1. Begin by identifying and asking a faculty member to serve as your faculty mentor for your major—a person with expertise in your area of interest. Your academic advisor can guide you to an appropriate faculty mentor if you don't already know someone who shares your interests.

  2. With the close collaboration of your mentor and academic advisor, select the Liberal Arts courses that will constitute your area, theme or direction.

  3. Write a letter to the dean of the College, with copies to your advisor and mentor, explaining your reasons for wanting to design your own major and the rationale for your choice of courses. Attach to the letter the list of courses that constitute your proposed program of study for the major and a letter of support from your faculty mentor.

  4. The dean will review your proposal and, if deemed acceptable, request the approval of the chairs of the departments in which you propose to take courses toward the major. The dean will then approve or deny your proposal, or may ask you for additional information, clarification or changes before giving approval. With the dean's approval you are on your way.

Note: The Self-designed major will be represented as a Liberal Arts major on official transcripts.