Fender Electronic Studio

Fender Electronic Studio

Dedicated in the Fall of 1994, the Fender Electronic Studio is a state of the art electronic studio for music production / hard disk recording and electronic chamber music and guitar ensemble rehearsals. The Fender Electronic Studio houses two main digital work stations as well as rehearsal space for amplified ensembles.

The workstation devoted to digital audio editing includes an Apple computer equipped with a Pro Tools 24 Track Hard Disk Recording System, Mackie 16 channel mixer with built-in DSP, Mackie Baby HUI, Tascam DA-98 Modular Digital Multitrack, Glyph Trip Hard Drive and Tape Storage Systems, Tascam DA-20 DAT, Tascam 130 Cassette Deck, CD and DVD burners, Sample Cell, Sound Designer II, Tannoy System 1200 Studio Monitors and Tannoy Sub woofer with Bose 5.1 surround sound system.

The workstation devoted to advanced MIDI/DAW sequencing includes an Apple computer equipped with Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer, Apple Logic, Korg Triton Pro keyboard, Bit Headz Retro and Unity, Reason, Unisynth, MIDI Time Piece II and Video Timepiece, Opcode Max, Coda Finale, Turbo Synth, Lexicon signal processing, Kurzweil K2000R sampler, Emu Proteus I, II, and III, Tannoy Monitor I near-field monitors, a 32 channel Fender board, Fender amplifiers, other software synths and Abelton Live. This workstation can be connected to the ProTools workstation.

Additional instruments available for sequencing and recording as well as performance rehearsals include Fender Stratocaster guitars with Roland GK-2 synth pickups, Yamaha G-10 guitar controller with Kurzweil sound board, Fender basses, Roland VBass, Korg Ms-2000 Analog Synth Keyboard, Korg Trinity keyboard, Korg Wavestation EX keyboard, Yamaha DX7II/FD keyboard, Nord Modular Synth, Korg Z-1 keyboard, Roland VDrums, Roland Hand Sonic, Mallet Kat with Kurzweil soundboard, Big Briar Theremin, Lexicon Jam Man, two Yamaha WX5 wind controllers with Yamaha sound modules, EWI USB wind controller, Kaoscilators, Boss GT-3 pedal effects board, Boomerang looping device, Digitech Vocalist, Digitech Talker (vocoder), Korg Kaoss Pad PD-2, Boss Digital Rackmount tuner, Lexicon DSP processor, Fender electric violin, and a complete Zeta string controller string quartet.

Sound amplification for rehearsals include Fender professional sound reinforcement speaker systems and power amps, a full line of Fender tube guitar and bass amps and Fender stereo keyboard amps