Recording Complex

Recording Complex

The Duquesne University Recording Complex houses a MIDI/Hard Disk recording Macintosh Workstation, Digital Performer, Pro Tools 24-track digital studio, Roland VS 1680 Otari34C console, Panasonic DAT decks, CEDAR noise reduction, CD mastering and manufacturing capabilities.

The Recording Complex also houses a Pro Tools ProMix 24 plus System, Tanoy Studio Monitors, Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors, 2 Tanoy System 1200 Studio Monitors, 3 Tascam DA-38 Modular Digital Multitracks, Tascam RC-898 Remote Control unit, Digital JBL speakers, complete Windows Digital workstation featuring Samplitude software, 32 channel Otari analog professional console, Otari analog halftrack reel to reel Full Outbound DSP Capabilities, Yamaha Drum Set, Yamaha Diskclavier MIDI Grand Piano, Full Mike locker, and Fender array of guitar, bass and keyboard amps.


Equipment Profiles

Tascam TM-8000 Digital Mixing Console

The Tascam TM-8000 Digital Mixing Console is a 48 channel professional digital mixing console which is connected directly to the DA-38's for 32 channel digital recording capabilities.