Schrecengost Control Room

William M. Schrecengost Memorial Control Room

The William M. Schrecengost Multimedia Studio is capable of receiving digital media streams from both performance stage and remote locations. These can then be captured for subsequent post-production, or streamed for television, radio or the internet.

With two Tascam DM24 digital consoles, each channel can be "sweetened" with digital equalization, or by using various digital signal processing plug-ins for special effects. A Vaddio production switcher provides dynamic control over all active cameras in the facility and enables users to to route their output to the storage system.

This media capture studio is the backbone of a wide variety of digital capture workstations, such as a complete Pro Tools high definition system, as well as a Samplitude digital audio workstation and Final Cut Pro. The William M. Schrecengost Multimedia Studio was created with a generous equipment donation from the Schrecengost family.

Tascam DM 24

The Pappert Center has a 24-channel digital audio console for multitrack recording or live to two-track mixing. Each channel has a fourband digital equalizer for timbre contouring and digital processing for dynamic control of sonic program material coming in from the sound stage. On board are two digital processors equipped with outstanding sonic effects for professional quality productions.

Vaddio Production View Camera Controller and Switcher

For dynamic multi-camera control, the Vaddio production view camera contoller and switcher provides the capability of remotely controlling cameras on the sound stage. It permits switching views on the fly for a professional level presentation.

Equipped with an integration joystick, seven discrete camera control ports, onboard camera presets, camera image control functions and external control capability, this unit has all the tools to capture or stream multi-camera video presentations.