DYANC 2017 Winners

Concerto Division

DYANC 2017 Winners

(from left: Ariana Chiu, Baron Cao, Zehavi Rodriguez, Kevin Zhu)

1st prize Kevin Zhu, violin
New York, NY. Student of Itzhak Perlman

2nd prize Zehavi Rodriguez, cello
Philadelphia, PA. Student of Amy Barston

3rd prize Baron Cao, piano
State College, PA. Student of Dea Baba

Honorable Mention Ariana Chiu, piano
Pittsburgh, PA. Student of Natasha Snitkovsky.

Solo Artists Division

Congratulations to our CMC student winners! 

Leonidas Vandapel, piano, student of Kazumi Petinaux
Elizabeth Thomas, piano, student of Inessa Beylin
Megumi Kawabe, piano, student of Anoush Tchakarian
Sonia Fung, violin, student of Peter Snitkovsky
Daniel Thomas, piano, student of Taras Filenko