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When is CMC in session?

View the CMC Calendar *(days of operation, events, recitals, council meetings and more)

How do I access my Duquesne University profile?

All CMC employees have access to the Duquesne Online Resources and Information (DORI). Through DORI, you have the ability to update personal information, view paystubs, and check your email account. Download the document below for detailed instructions on accessing and navigating DORI.

DORI Login and Employee Information

Accessing Zoom through Duquesne University

All CMC employees have access to the institutional Zoom account and can sign in at using their personal DU Multipass (SSO) credentials. View additional Zoom resources and training

Teaching Policy

Classroom Teachers - If for whatever reason you need to call off, please note you are expected to request a substitute as far in advance as possible. The request must be submitted online:

Request a Substitute Teacher

Please note, your payroll will be deducted the billable hours for that day.

Private Teachers - If for whatever reason you need to call off, please note you are expected to notify families and make up all lessons before June 30th (Fiscal year end). Substitutes are not allowed for the sake of lesson continuity.

*Note on student attendance policy (as published on

Registration - Once registration is finalized, faculty and administration expect that the student will complete the academic year. Students are expected to attend all lessons and classes. Should a student need to withdraw from the program, notification in writing must be given to both faculty and administration. Refunds and tuition adjustments will be at the sole discretion of the CMC Director.

Lesson Cancelation & Make up Lessons - Lessons that are cancelled by the teacher will be made up at a time agreed upon by both parties. Teachers are under no obligation to make up lessons cancelled by students, and such cancelations will not result in any type of adjustment in tuition.

Lessons with Adult Students

City Music Center offers lesson packages to adult learners - this may include members of the campus community (faculty, staff, and students of Duquesne University) as well as the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Lesson packages provide a necessary flexibility for student and teacher to build a customized lesson schedule and determine an appropriate frequency (once a week, every other week, twice a week etc.) Lessons that are cancelled by the teacher will be made up at a time agreed upon by both parties. Adult students must provide faculty with a cancellation notice at least 24 hours in advance of the agreed lesson - faculty are not obligated to make up the lesson otherwise. Adults that wish to request lessons through our website ( must complete a registration form. That form is then received by CMC staff and forwarded to appropriate faculty. Offers to teach new adult students are sometimes extended to multiple teachers simultaneously. As a result, students are placed with the faculty member who is first to respond.

Sample Registration Form (Adult Lessons)
*Sample registration form (left) sent as a forwarded message from CMC Staff:

Faculty that receive these forwarded registration forms are required to take one of two actions:

  1. Accept the offer to teach the student by replying to the message, "I accept this offer." - Do not email or contact the student until CMC staff has confirmed you are the first to respond. Once confirmed, you will be instructed to email the student directly to introduce yourself and establish a lesson schedule. Faculty must copy on this message to initiate billing and payroll updates.
  2. Decline the offer the teach the student by replying to the message " I cannot accept this offer." - Do not email or contact the student. CMC staff will find another faculty member to teach the student.

Faculty are responsible for keeping track of lessons completed as well as informing the student when they are nearing the end of the lesson package. If an adult student purchases a package of 12 lessons, it would be wise to discuss renewing the lesson package at the time of the 10th lesson to ensure a smooth continuation of musical progress. Adult students can be directed to the website ( to renew their lesson package.

*Additional faculty guidelines are published in the Duquesne University Faculty Handbook.

How is Payroll Calculated?

Pay is determined by multiplying your contacted hourly rate by the total number of billable hours. Billable hours are defined on the Billable Hours Conversion Chart. In most cases, students enroll for the entire duration of the academic year (30 weeks). In the event a student enrolls after the first day of classes, the student's tuition and faculty billable hours are prorated.

Each student/class has a program code that appears on your personal payroll schedule. Also, some students withdraw early or increase/decrease lesson duration. These events affect payroll totals and have codes that appear on the faculty payroll schedule as well.

The total amount that is calculated gets sent to Human Resources on a Scheduled Payroll Authorization (SPA). HR divides and distributes this amount evenly over 21 pay cycles for the academic session (Sept - June), or over 4 cycles for the summer session (July-August). Detail and dates can be found on the Fiscal Calendar.

Sample Payroll Schedule:     

CMC faculty payroll scheduleThe payroll schedule (left) includes basic employee information such as your ID number, contracted hourly rate, Duquesne email address, room assignment, and instrument/teaching area.

For those teaching private students, the program codes, names, and associated billable hours are listed for calculation.

For those teaching classes, the program code, course title, and associated billable hours are listed for calculation.

The first four students are enrolled at the start of the academic year in the K-12 curriculum. Students 5 and 6 are adults that have purchased lesson packages. Below that are some examples of the impact of student withdraw, lesson duration reduction and increase on your payroll schedule.

The total amount of pay may fluctuate throughout the year. As students are added to or removed from your teaching roster, the total amount of pay will change. In this case, three SPA's have been submitted to HR as a result of such changes taking place.