Faculty & Staff

Our faculty at City Music Center of Duquesne University (CMC) make a world-class team of exceptional music instructors.  Many of them are members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and each possesses an unparalleled passion for teaching music. 

Faculty Directory 

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Inessa Beylin
Ron Bickel
Taras Filenko
Sharon Huang  -  view bio
Igor Kraevsky  -  view bio
Kazumi Petinaux  -  view bio
Anoush Tchakarian  -  view bio

Suzuki Strings

Devin Arrington  -  view bio
Carmen Blanco  -  view bio
Yanchi Chen  -  view bio
Jeff Irwin
Marian Irwin
Julia Simeone  -  view bio

Classical Strings

Kate Black  -  view bio
Yanchi Chen  -  view bio
Charlie Powers  -  view bio
Andrew Wickesberg


Cara Rozgonyi  -  view bio
Jack Howell 

Musicianship & Composition

Brian Buckley  -  view bio
Ryan McMasters  -  view bio
Emily Paladin  -  view bio
Chase Upchurch  -  view bio

Organ & Sacred Music

Taras Filenko

Guitar & Bass

Eric Brockschmidt  -  view bio
Ben Meyer - view bio
Ryan McMasters  -  view bio

Jazz and Percussion

Ken Foley


Katherine Bell  -  view bio
Chase Upchurch  -  view bio

Music Technology

Ryan McMasters  -  view bio

City Music Center Administration

Thomas Carsecka (Executive Director)  view bio

Rachel Stegeman (Artistic Director) view bio

Anoush Tchakarian  (Marketing/Communications Manager)  view bio

Eric Brockschmidt (Recital Coordinator)  view bio