Faculty & Staff

Our faculty at City Music Center of Duquesne University (CMC) make a world-class team of exceptional music instructors.  Many of them are members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and each possesses an unparalleled passion for teaching music.  Students benefit from our faculty through one-on-one instruction and classroom activities. CMC students also have opportunities to perform in ensembles and formal recitals.

Faculty Directory 

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Piano Department

Natasha Snitkovsky (dept. Chair)  -  view bio
Inessa Beylin
Ron Bickel
Taras Filenko
Sharon Huang  -  view bio
Igor Kraevsky  -  view bio
Kazumi Petinaux  -  view bio
Anoush Tchakarian  -  view bio

Suzuki Strings Department

Jeff Irwin (dept. Co-Chair)
Marian Irwin (dept. Co-Chair)
Devin Arrington  -  view bio
Carmen Blanco  -  view bio
Yanchi Chen  -  view bio
Julia Simeone  -  view bio

Classical Strings Department

Peter Snitkovsky (dept. Chair)  -  view bio
Kate Black  -  view bio
Yanchi Chen  -  view bio
Charlie Powers  -  view bio
Andrew Wickesberg

Woodwind Department

Cara Rozgonyi  -  view bio
Jack Howell 

Musicianship & Composition Department

Emily Paladin (dept. Chair) -  view bio
Brian Buckley  -  view bio
Ryan McMasters  -  view bio
Chase Upchurch  -  view bio

Organ & Sacred Music

Taras Filenko

Guitar & Contemporary Strings Department

Eric Brockschmidt (dept Chair)  -  view bio
Ben Meyer - view bio
Ryan McMasters  -  view bio

Jazz and Percussion Department

Ken Foley

Voice Department

Katherine Bell  -  view bio
Chase Upchurch  -  view bio

Technology Department

Mike Elliott
Ryan McMasters  -  view bio
Thomas Carsecka  -  view bio


Thomas Carsecka (Executive Director)  view bio

Natasha Snitkovsky (Artistic Director)  view bio

Anoush Tchakarian  (Marketing/Communications Manager)  view bio

Cara Rozgonyi  (Lesson Coordinator, Music For Adults)  view bio

Eric Brockschmidt (Ensembles Coordinator)  view bio