Program Options for Youth (PreK-12)

2020-21 Online Music Programs
City Music Center operates online and primarily on Saturdays: September 12, 2020 - May 15, 2021 (30 weekly sessions)

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With all that's going on, we wanted to keep things simple this year. You can start with lessons or classes and add as you go! Lessons, classes, and activities will all take place online and primarily on Saturdays at scheduled (synchronous) times using Zoom, Schoology, and other online meeting platforms. Takeaway exercises and asynchronous activities will also be provided to help students stay engaged during the week. Plus, all students will have access to watch and participate in a weekly performance hour (Saturdays from 2-3pm) that features a unique guest artist and CMC student musicians sharing a mix of live performances and pre-recorded music media.

City Music Center's Online Education Pledge:

  • CMC will continue to provide the most qualified, motivated, and adaptive music education professionals in the service of our students and families.
  • CMC remains committed to its mission and affirms its programming is of the highest quality, even in the most challenging and unprecedented circumstances.
  • While the student experience for this upcoming academic year will be noticeably different from years past, the outcome of students growing in knowledge, mastery, and musical inspiration remains the same.


When you register for CMC Online Programs you can customize your combination of
Private Lessons, CMC Core Curriculum, and Elective Courses

Private Lessons

Choose the lesson duration that's right for you.
  • 20 minutes (Suzuki beginners only)
    $900 full year (30 weeks)

  • 30 minutes (great for first-timers up to 3 years of study)
    $1,170 full year (30 weeks)

  • 45 minutes (recommended for students studying 3 or more years)
    $1,590 full year (30 weeks)

  • 60 minutes (necessary for advanced students)
    $2,010 full year (30 weeks)

*Suzuki lessons are available for Violin, Viola, and Cello. Be sure to select the Suzuki option for your instrument when you register.

*Jazz lessons are available for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone and Trumpet. Be sure to select the jazz option for your instrument when you register.

*Interested in more than 1 instrument? Lessons on additional instruments can be added at any time by emailing

CMC Core Curriculum

$195 each

These classes provide essential learning for developing musicians. Based on grade level and skill, students are placed into appropriate sections of the courses listed below:

  • Eurhythmics (Kindergarten - grade 5) Designed to engage the body in musical movement, Eurhythmics helps your child become a better listener, reader and performer of music. Through listening and movement activities, students learn to perceive and discriminate among the rhythmic and structural elements of music: tempo, dynamics, articulation, pitch, pulse, meter, rhythmic and melodic patterns, phrasing and simple form. Students in this class are supported in developing a kinesthetic and independent understanding of those elements that can be artistically applied during musical performances.

  • Music History (grades 6-12) This 6-year cyclical curriculum ensures all students (new & returning) can join the experience at any time! Rather than focusing on genre or time period, our Music History curriculum connects students to the ways in which music has been influenced throughout history and how music simultaneously influences and interacts with history itself.

  • Musicianship (grades 3-12) The Musicianship courses are sequenced from level 1 to 5. In most cases, each level is taken twice to ensure retention and comprehension of musical concepts. New students complete an assessment to determine initial placement. Courses offered provide students with the building blocks for understanding how to read and interpret music and to understand the context and application of music theory concepts in performance settings. *Advanced courses available.

Learn more about the CMC Core Curriculum.

How do lessons and classes work together?
  • Jane is an 8th grader studying piano for the last 5 years. She registers for 45-minute private lessons as well as 2 CMC Core classes (Music History and Musicianship), and takes an Elective Course (Composition & Songwriting).
  • Darnell is a 1st grader getting started with the violin. He registers for 20-minute private Suzuki lessons and Eurhythmics (part of the CMC Core Curriculum)

Elective Courses:

$250 each

City Music Center offers Elective Courses to students with specialized interests and goals. These courses are typically smaller in size than the Core Curriculum allowing for more personalized attention.

  • Beginning Guitar (1:00-1:45pm)
    Instructor | Ben Meyer
    Learn to play the guitar in a fun and engaging group class. Participants learn to read chord symbols, TAB, and standard music notation. *You must have your own guitar to participate in this class.

  • Composition & Songwriting (11:00-11:45am)
    Instructor | Brian Buckley
    Immerse yourself in the music of master composers by exploring the life and works of a different composer each month. Applying the analytical and theoretical skills developed in musicianship, students will identify the key characteristics that make each composer's music distinct. Students will then compose short musical works in imitation of that composer's style and technique. By the conclusion of the course, students will be able to synthesize an array of compositional approaches into their own unique and emerging style.
    Prerequisite: minimum one year in Musicianship III.

  • History of Musical Theater (12:00-12:45pm)
    Instructor | Brian Buckley
    Explore the rich and colorful world of musical theater while tracing the historical events and cultural threads that weave their way into the music of the Broadway Stage.

  • Jazz Theory & Practice (10:00-10:45am)
    Instructor | Ken Foley
    Enjoy exploring and expressing your jazz side! This course dives into a variety of styles within the jazz genre in theoretical and practical settings. Participants work weekly developing skills for composing, improvising, and communicating musically with classmates.

  • Music Technology Concepts (1:00-1:45pm)
    Instructor | Ryan McMasters
    Explore and discuss the realm of producing music. Dive into topics such as mixing and mastering, using plug-ins to shape sound, working with virtual instruments within MIDI sequences, and much more. This introductory course is recommended for anyone looking for a comprehensive music technology overview.

Learn more about Elective Courses.

At City Music Center of Duquesne University (CMC), we want you to have a great experience from the very beginning! We make every effort to select the teacher who is best for you and recommend the classes appropriate for your age, skill level, and experience. Click below to learn more about the mission and values of CMC.

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