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Elective Class Options
(Youth only - view options for adult learners)

*If you're new to City Music Center and just want to try a class or two, you can take elective classes a la carte.
Registration is $250 each class for the academic year. Prorated terms available.

Audio Production (12:00-12:45pm | room 109)
     Instructor | Mike Elliott

Work hands-on with cutting edge audio hardware and software in a recording studio setting. Learn how to use microphones, preamps, and digital interfaces to capture recordings in ProTools, Logic, Garageband and more.
*Advanced section also available - proficiency exam may be required.

Beginning Guitar (1:00-1:45pm | room 107)
     Instructor | Ben Meyer

Learn to play the guitar in a fun and engaging group class. Participants learn to read chord symbols, TAB, and standard music notation. *You must have your own guitar to participate in this class.

Composition & Songwriting (11:00-11:45am | room 209)
     Instructor | Brian Buckley

Immerse yourself in the music of master composers by exploring the life and works of a different composer each month. Applying the analytical and theoretical skills developed in musicianship, students will identify the key characteristics that make each composer's music distinct. Students will then compose short musical works in imitation of that composer's style and technique. By the conclusion of the course, students will be able to synthesize an array of compositional approaches into their own unique and emerging style.

Prerequisite: minimum one year in Musicianship III.

Eurhythmics (time varies by age group | room 307)
      Instructor | Chase Upchurch

Through engaged listening and fun-filled movement activities, each student learns to perceive and discriminate among the rhythmic and structural elements of music: tempo, dynamics, articulation, pitch, pulse, meter, rhythmic and melodic patterns, phrasing and simple form. Students in this class are supported in developing a kinesthetic and independent understanding of those elements that can be artistically applied during musical performances.

History of Musical Theater (12:00-12:45pm | room 209)
     Instructor | Brian Buckley

Explore the rich and colorful world of musical theater while tracing the historical events and cultural threads that weave their way into the music of the Broadway Stage.

Music Technology Basics (1:00-1:45pm | room 110)
      Instructor | Ryan McMasters

Explore and discuss the realm of producing music. Dive into topics such as mixing and mastering, using plug-ins to shape sound, working with virtual instruments within MIDI sequences, and much more. This introductory course is recommended for anyone looking for a comprehensive technology overview.

Musicianship (time and location varies by age and skill level)
      Instructors | Emily Paladin, Brian Buckley, Ryan McMasters

The musicianship courses offered through City Music Center provide students with the building blocks for understanding how to read and interpret music notation and to understand the context and application of the music theory concepts in performance settings. Learn more about Musicianship

Sound for Film & Video (11:00-11:45am | room 109)
     Instructor | Mike Elliott

Uncover the magic of creating sound effects and ambient environments for film & video. Work hands-on with cutting-edge video editing and sound design software to synchronize sound and music to a moving picture.

Suzuki Group Class (11:00-11:45am | room by assignment)
       Instructors | Suzuki Strings faculty

Join other string players for group practice and performance in a supportive and nurturing environment. Group placement is determined individually by skill level and will require a brief evaluation by Suzuki faculty.

Elective Ensemble Options
(Youth only - view options for adult learners)

Intrada Chamber Ensemble (9:00-9:55am | PNC Hall)
      Instructor | Carmen Blanco

Enjoy making music with others in this introductory ensemble.  Work with a coach during weekly rehearsals to practice performance techniques while gaining first-hand experience performing in an ensemble.

Jazz Ensemble (11:00-11:55am | room 204)
     Instructor | Ken Foley

Enjoy expressing your musical side in our Jazz Ensemble. This group performs a variety of styles within the jazz genre in large ensemble settings of 12-15 players as well as small combos typically made up of 3-7 players. Participants work weekly with a coach and have fun in rehearsals while developing skills for improvising and communicating musically with members of the group.

Vocal Theater Ensemble (1:00-1:55pm | room 307)
     Instructor | Katherine Bell

Collaborate with other students in small groups to recreate Broadway musical scenes while learning about stage direction and movements. All students are welcome! You do not have to be a vocal student to participate in the ensemble.