Music Technology Summer Intensive

July 8-12 (Session 1: "Industry of Audio and Media") Mary Pappert School of Music
July 15-19 (Session 2: "Merging Sight and Sound") Mary Pappert School of Music

M-F  9am-4pm Daily  |  Registration deadline on or before July 1, 2019.
Overnight accommodations available
(must register by June 15, 2019).

Registration Fees
($50 deposit due at registration, full balance due by July 8, 2019)

Save $100 when you register for both sessions!

Commuter: $550 (single session), $1,000 (both sessions)
*Commuter + Meal Plan: $675
(single session), $1,250 (both sessions)
**Resident (w/ roommate): $950 (single session), $1,800 (both sessions) (must register by June 15, 2019)
**Resident (single room): $1,100
(single session), $2,100 (both sessions) (must register by June 15, 2019)

*All meal plans include breakfast lunch and dinner
**Resident fees include camp registration, overnight housing, and meal plan (must register by June 15, 2019).



"Industry of Audio and Media" (session 1) - Business of recording and producing music media, science of recording, microphone selection and placement, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, navigating hardware and software interfaces.

"Merging Sight and Sound" (session 2) - Music and media production, MIDI sequencing, electronic orchestration, composition, arranging, sound design and foley, video editing and production.

Featuring recording masterclasses with
           5-time Grammy Award-winning engineer, Jay Dudt.

Jay Dudt Grammy Awards

Get hands-on experience working in our media labs and recording studios!
*NEW at DUQUESNE: Solid State Logic (SSL) Analog/Digital Hybrid Console

SSL at Duquesne University

Get help from the pros during creative media labs

MTSI experience

What you can
      EXPECT from this experience...

Participants acquire basic skills in music technology and sound recording, including microhpone selection and placement, navigating outboard gear and plug-ins, setting levels, capturing HD audio, electronic keyboards and additional MIDI controllers, MIDI sequencing and the use of Finale notation software. In the Mary Pappert School of Music's technology labs and recording studios, you can explore the latest software and hardware while learning how to successfully incorporate music technology into your life as a musician.  

"Music sequencing is a valuable tool for the creation and performance of music and supports the development of composition, improvisation, and arranging skills."

          -Professor William Purse 

Using a variety of MIDI sequencing software packages, including Reason, Apple Logic, and Ableton Live, participants gain hands-on experience in recording and editing MIDI and Digital Audio tracks, audio and MIDI looping, the selection and use of hardware and software synthesizers, the creation of soundtracks for video, and mixing and bouncing projects to a final medium. Group size is limited to 16 students. Our hands-on approach to the fundamentals of working with digital audio workstations will cover techniques for recording, sampling, editing and storing sound and will include an overview of basic digital recording and sampling as well as the processes involved in creating an audio or multimedia piece from start to completion.

Duquesne Faculty involved:

Thomas Kikta, Lynn Emberg Purse, William Purse, Thomas Carsecka

Duquesne's innovative Music Technology degree offers concentrations in digital music pedagogy, electronic composition and electronic performance. Guided by faculty members who are acknowledged leaders in their fields, graduate students master powerful technological tools in state-of-the-art electronic studios, including the Music Technology Center, the Digital Keyboard Lab, the Fender Electronic Studio and the multi-track Recording Studios. Graduates of this program are in demand in the music, film and recording industries throughout the world.