Summer Jazz Experience

Mike Tomaro - Director

June 24-28 | Mary Pappert School of Music

M-F  9am-5pm Daily + Concerts  |  Registration deadline on or before June 20, 2019.
Overnight accommodations available
(must register by June 1, 2019).

Registration Fees
($50 deposit due at registration, full balance due by June 24, 2019)

Commuter: $550
*Commuter + Meal Plan: $675

**Resident (w/ roommate): $950 (must register by June 1, 2019)
**Resident (single room): $1,100
(must register by June 1, 2019)

*All meal plans include breakfast lunch and dinner
Resident fees include camp registration, overnight housing, and meal plan (must register by June 1, 2019).


Summer Jazz Experience - Concerts

Featuring faculty members of the Mary Pappert School of Music department of Jazz Studies and Duquesne University Jazz Faculty

Mike Tomaro - Director, Saxophone, Composition, Arranging
Joe Badaczewski - Trumpet
Jeff Bush - Trombone
Eric Susoeff - Guitar
Max Leake - Piano
Paul Thompson - Bass
Tom Wendt - Drums

Duquesne Jazz faculty

Schedule *subject to minor changes

Summer Jazz Experience SCHEDULE 2018

Class Descriptions

Large Ensemble - These ensembles operate in the traditional big band format (5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass and drums) and place an emphasis on music reading, learning to play in a section with like instruments and working together as a single large unit, while still incorporating improvisation into the daily rehearsals. The rehearsals are focused on preparation for the final workshop concert on Friday.

Small Ensembles - These ensembles (2-5 horns, guitar, piano, bass, drums) are focused more on improvisation, with focus toward the Thursday concert.

Master Classes - Topics and music pertinent to the participant's instrument are discussed and played with individual faculty members.

Jazz History - Taught from three different perspectives: general, big band, and individual instruments with an accent on Pittsburgh's role in the music.

Transcription - How to hear jazz melodies and chords and then notate them on paper. Beginning and advanced levels of instruction are offered.

Faculty Jam Session - Faculty will perform on a daily basis for the participants. Selected participants will be invited to play with the faculty.

Harmony - A variety of jazz-related harmony topics such as key signatures, scales, chord structures and progressions are discussed. Beginning and advanced levels of instruction are offered.

Ear Training - This class addresses the ability to hear jazz melodies and chords. Beginning and advanced levels of instruction are offered.

Listening Session - Instruction on what kinds of jazz to listen and how to listen to it to get the most out of it.

Summer Jazz Experience - Faculty Concerts

Daily Concerts

Concerts are presented at the end of each day from 5:30-6:30 PM. These are integral to the workshop as they give the participants a chance to hear the faculty members perform in a more formal setting for them before they perform their own concerts on Thursday and Friday. They are all free and open to the public. This time was chosen to accommodate commuters, their parents and the dreaded rush hour commute. Parents and caregivers can either wait till 6:30 PM to pick up their children and take them home to dinner or, better yet, the entire family can come at 5:30 pm, enjoy these concerts and then leave at 6:30 pm. Both of these scenarios enable the commuter to avoid a large part of rush hour traffic.

Concert Schedule

M-W:  DU Jazz Faculty concerts
Thursday: Workshop Participant Small Ensemble Concert
Friday: Workshop Participant Large Ensemble (Big Band) Concert