Audition Requirements

University Singers/Pappert Chorales

  • Prepare a simple song to sing unaccompanied or accompanied with piano (bring sheet music). Choose a key that suits your voice and showcases your range.
  • Sight-singing: melody in a chorale with piano support
  • Melody sing-backs
  • Discuss your interest in Duquesne Choirs

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Voices of Spirit

  • Prepare a classical solo song that showcases your voice type and range. Bring piano sheet music for an accompanist.
  • Prepare your choral part in this piece.
  • Sight-singing: Rhythm and melody
  • Discuss your interest in the Duquesne Choirs

Auditions for 2020–2021

August 20–23 2020 or online, TBA.

How to Set Up an Audition

Send an Email to Dr. Caron Daley at