Graduate Assistantship Program

Graduate Assistants receive tuition remission (up to a maximum of 100%) in exchange for academic service to the school. Assistantship positions and responsibilities range from tutoring and coaching undergraduate students, to providing faculty and staff with administrative support. All positions are designed to provide Graduate Assistants with unique and valuable professional experiences working with students, faculty, and staff.

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As an accepted graduate student, you are being invited to apply for a graduate assistantship. Through the application process, you will have an opportunity to express interest and share qualifications for positions in specific areas of the school. We strongly recommend submitting the graduate assistantship application no later than March 15.

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Graduate Assistantships are categorized by support type:

  • Musicianship Support - service includes tutoring, grading, and leading some instruction in the musicianship classrooms and providing direct administrative assistance to faculty members.
  • Ensemble Director Support - service includes directly assisting ensemble directors in preparing for and facilitating rehearsals, administrative tasks, and concert performance logistics.
  • Applied Area Support - service includes assisting faculty in specified applied areas (woodwinds, brass, keyboards, strings, voice) by supporting teaching studios, small ensembles, and maintaining applied area inventory and supplies.
  • Program Support - service includes assisting faculty in specified departmental areas (Music Performance, Music Education, Music Technology, Music Therapy, Sacred Music; graduate and undergraduate divisions) and may include grading, coaching, tutoring, and teaching.
  • Administration/Faculty Support - service includes assisting various staff members and administrators in event planning, staging and set up, maintaining computer labs and music libraries, marketing and advertisement, and community arts programming and administration.

General Requirements of all Graduate Assistants:

  • Attend graduate student orientation and complete Blackboard training
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress (3.0 GPA minimum)
  • Fulfill responsibilities and communicate regularly with faculty/staff supervisor
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of artistry and professionalism

Did you know?
  Enrolled graduate students can apply and compete for endowed scholarships to further increase their graduate music award package!

Graduate Assistantships combine with your Performance Award, up to 100% tuition coverage!

Sample Graduate Award Story:

Jane applies and auditions for the Master of Music Performance on flute and is accepted. Along with her letter of acceptance, she receives a Graduate Performance Award offer of 50% ($12,555.00) based on the results of her audition. In that acceptance letter, she is also invited to apply for a graduate assistantship to bolster her financial aid package. Jane reads through the various positions and associated expectations, and she submits her application to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship in several areas of interest for which she feels qualified. Jane's application is reviewed by faculty committee, and she is offered an additional 25% ($6,277.00) to serve as a Musicianship Tutor. Jane accepts the total award package by April 15, and she pays her enrollment deposit to secure her graduate award package. When she arrives on campus in the fall, she enters a woodwind concerto competition and is awarded first prize; a $2,000 award from one of the school's endowed scholarship funds.


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