Music Technology Portfolio

Why does the Mary Pappert School of Music want to see a portfolio?

Many applicants pursuing the BM in Music Technology (Composition for Media or Sound Recording) are exceptional creators and, in some cases, are well-established producers of music and multimedia. Traditional formats for auditioning and evaluating these populations do not provide a complete picture of the applicant's true potential and musical capabilities.

Is the computer a musical instrument?

Due to increased accessibility of sophisticated music creation software, more young musicians are "playing the computer" as their primary instrument of expression and are composing and creating finished products that are not the result of any one specific musical instrument. Many of these creative musicians are multi-instrumentalists; they create music using a variety of instruments (acoustic, electric, and virtual), but are not yet specialized enough on any one instrument to successfully complete a traditional music audition. However, we recognize their musical talents come together in a digital media production setting to create outstanding finished products. When arranged in a portfolio and presented to evaluating faculty, these finished products are considered as the basis for the audition evaluation.

Do I still need to select an instrument and audition?

Yes. Applicants will be asked to perform live at the audition and should select the instrument that s/he feels most comfortable with in order to demonstrate musical abilities (e.g., voice, piano, guitar etc.). This musical demonstration will be coupled with the portfolio to conduct an evaluation of the whole musician.

How should the portfolio be formatted?

We recommend using a cloud storage method (Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox etc.) to generate and provide hyperlinks that can access your portfolio media from within a PDF or Word Document. The portfolio document should contain your name and contact information along with the title of each work and a link to access each file. Please only submit one portfolio document that contains all media links and titles.

Where do I submit my portfolio?

Once an application is submitted, the user's application dashboard is populated with required checklist items including a prompt to schedule an audition. Applicants should use the "Upload Materials" section of the dashboard to submit the portfolio document. Select "Music Media" as the material type.

Acceptable Portfolio Criteria

Three finished products/works submitted as hyperlinks in a single portfolio document meeting the following criteria:

  • Either produced with electronic instruments and software, acoustically recorded or a combination of each.
  • Each selection is a minimum of 3 min 30 seconds.
  • Beats alone do not constitute a completed composition but they can be integrated into a production or exist as elements of a composition.
  • Editing of audio stems (individual tracks) is permitted.
  • Original Compositions should be accompanied by a musical score or graphic representation.

Additional Competencies for Admission

  • Completion of the Musicianship Placement Exam with a minimum score of 70%.
  • Vocal assessment for acceptance to choral ensembles to satisfy initial ensemble requirement.

What happens after I'm accepted into the Music Technology program?

Accepted students will be enrolled in the Music Technology program and granted a one-year probationary period to develop the instrumental competencies needed to pass the Jury Evaluation at the conclusion of the spring semester of the freshman year. Once the student has successfully completed and passed the jury, the probationary period will end and the student will be fully accepted into the Mary Pappert School of Music.

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