Music Technology Portfolio

Many applicants pursuing the BM in Music Technology (Composition for Media or Sound Recording) are multi-instrumentalists, composers, producers, and creative directors. In these cases, traditional formats for auditions and evaluations do not always provide a complete picture of an applicant's true potential and musical capabilities. We recognize how musical talents come together in a digital production environment and we want you to have the opportunity to share your work with us.

Acceptable Portfolio Criteria

Three finished products/works meeting the following criteria:

  • Either produced with electronic instruments and software, acoustically recorded or a combination of each.
  • Each selection is a minimum of 2 min 30 seconds.
  • Beats alone do not constitute a completed composition, but they can be integrated into a production or exist as elements of a composition.
  • Editing of audio stems (individual tracks) is permitted and demonstration encouraged.
  • Original compositions should be accompanied by a musical score or graphic representation.

How should the portfolio be formatted?

We recommend using a cloud storage method (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.) to generate and provide hyperlinks within a Word Document or PDF that can access your portfolio media. The links should be included as part of the Audition Portfolio under "Supplemental Media". Sample Audition Portfolio

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