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Accelerated Pathways

We at the Mary Pappert School of Music are proud to offer accelerated degree pathways for students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA). These pathways allow students to complete the BA in 3 years immediately followed by 1 year of graduate studies in the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business or 3 years in the Duquesne University School of Law.

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Why combine a music foundation with graduate studies in business or law?

Those that study music enrich their lives while cultivating unique and marketable abilities. Music, as a foundational discipline, influences the performance of memory, strengthens communication skills and teaches us to be receptive of criticism. Music invites and encourages human connection, shapes moral character and virtue and is fundamentally linked with building community.

With a foundation in music, you can apply artistry to all you do!

Accelerated Pathway Options:

Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) + MBA Sustainable Business Practices

Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) + Master of Science in Management (MSM) 100% online!

Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) + Juris Doctor (JD)

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