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Lead With Music

50% Tuition Scholarship

Become a Leader in the Creative Field of Music

Duquesne University has approved a 50% Tuition Scholarship for freshmen accepted into the Mary Pappert School of Music beginning with the Fall 2018 semester. The 50% tuition scholarship represents the University commitment to providing you with the support you need to become the musician you want to be.

*This program does NOT apply to students currently enrolled at Duquesne or to transfer students.

Who is eligible?
  • Undergraduate students enrolled as a first-time, full-time freshman in the Mary Pappert School of Music for the Fall 2018 semester.
What are the scholarship parameters?
  • No separate application is required. All accepted students will automatically receive the scholarship.
  • The 50% Tuition Scholarship will keep pace proportionately with annual tuition increases.
  • Additional grant funds may be available based on need, audition results, instrument or major.
  • Students may be eligible for additional funds if they live on campus.
  • Highly talented students may be eligible for up to a full tuition scholarship based on their audition results.
  • All applicants who complete a FAFSA will be considered for federal, state and institutional need based grants, loans and student employment.
  • The 50% Tuition Scholarship is renewable for four years of undergraduate study as long as the recipient remains enrolled full-time in the Mary Pappert School of Music.
  • If a recipient leaves the Mary Pappert School of Music, the scholarship will be discontinued. However, the student will be reviewed for other forms of institutional aid.
  • As noted above, this program does NOT apply to students currently enrolled at Duquesne.
Why the Initiative?

Duquesne recognizes the significant contributions that musicians make to our society. This scholarship is our commitment to and investment in future musical leaders. We are offering an affordable, high-quality music education which will ensure that we have expertly trained musicians in the future serving our community and the world with their artistry.

Why is this award not available to currently enrolled students?

Current School of Music undergraduate students received competitive financial aid awards in the form of academic, performance and need-based aid as part of an overall awarding strategy unique to their semester of entrance. This awarding strategy is based on a number of different criteria, including funds available at the time, competitor behavior, enrollment trends, number of qualified applicants, etc. Such year-to-year to awarding strategy changes are not unique to the School of Music; they impact all schools/undergraduate programs within the University. Each student made the decision to attend Duquesne based on the amount of aid (academic, performance and need-based) at the time of their admission.

* A limited number of highly talented freshmen may be eligible for up to a full-tuition scholarship based on their audition results.

Contact the Office of Music Admission for more information.

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