people working together on pianos and guitars

Improve the Lives of Others with a Music Therapy Degree

Earn your undergraduate and/or graduate degree in music therapy alongside our acclaimed music therapy scholars and clinicians. An equivalency program is also available for candidates with bachelor's degrees in music.  

Undergraduate Programs

  • Prepare for the music therapy board certification - 80% first-time pass rate!
  • Build hands-on clinical skills for working with diverse groups of people         
  • Develop innovative music therapy programming for various healthcare settings

Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy (BSMT)

Progressive Degree Pathway (BSMT+MMT)

Graduate Programs

  • Work in a flexible and supportive online program - 20+ years of online experience!
  • Advance clinical skills to work as a primary therapist in various healthcare settings 
  • Apply research to practice to provide ethical and competent care

Master of Music Therapy (MMT)

Master of Music Therapy Equivalency

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