Master of Music Therapy Equivalency

If you have a bachelor's degree in an area of music other than music therapy and wish to become a music therapist, the equivalency program will provide you with the foundational coursework, internship, and graduate studies necessary to earn a Master of Music Therapy degree. A foundational music degree is all you need to begin working toward becoming a board-certified music therapist.

Our Program Is Unique

  • Our MMT Equivalency is designed to supplement your foundational music degree with the undergraduate and graduate coursework necessary for you to become a board-certified music therapist in just three years.
  • On-campus undergraduate coursework and online graduate coursework allow you to continue your established professional career while you work toward the MMT and board certification.
  • With a focus on community-engaged practice and medical music psychotherapy, you will learn how to provide specialized intensive psychological, emotional, and psychospiritual support to patients in various medical settings such as cancer centers, neonatal intensive care units, and hospices.
  • Explore how to provide ethical, culturally responsive healthcare services that engage patients as active collaborators and stakeholders in their health journeys.
  • Learn to become an adaptive and resilient healthcare professional in a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Students accepted into the MMT or MMT Equivalency program are automatically considered for unique scholarship packages and financial support to help cover the cost of tuition. Contact for more information.

View Master of Music Therapy Equivalency Curriculum (PDF)

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