Progressive Degree Pathway

Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy + Master of Music Therapy

This program allows you to combine a traditional 4-year Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and a traditional 2-year Master of Music Therapy with the added benefit of simultaneously overlapping your undergraduate internship with your graduate coursework. In 6 years, you will have your BSMT, MMT, and music therapy board certification. Undergraduate courses are in person and graduate courses are offered online with two in-person intensives on campus in the second year. Scholarships are available.

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A Unique Program

  • Online graduate offerings allow you to continue practicing while pursuing your degree, providing greater financial flexibility and increased opportunities to convert learned knowledge to clinical skills.
  • You will learn how to provide specialized intensive psychological, emotional, and psychospiritual support to patients in various medical settings such as cancer centers, neonatal intensive care units, and hospices.
  • Explore how to provide ethical, culturally responsive healthcare services that engage patients as active collaborators and stakeholders in their health journeys.
  • Through your graduate music therapy studies, you will become an adaptive and resilient healthcare professional in a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem.
  • You will experience a curriculum focused on community-engaged practice and medical music psychotherapy
  • Sequence your undergraduate and graduate studies to deepen your training.
  • Use your undergraduate internship as a clinical site for developing your graduate Capstone project
  • Continue building your professional relationships with your instructors and peers

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