Dr. Judith Bowman

Interim Chair of Musicianship

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Phone - 412.396.5857

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business

From the first semester of their freshman year through the final weeks of their graduate experience, students at Duquesne achieve incredible growth as musicians. The Musicianship program provides an integral foundation for this growth. Through the undergraduate Musicianship sequence, students learn the skills, analytical techniques, historical styles and practices necessary for developing a professional level of musical ability and literacy. Through their core studies in music, graduate students work to develop critical frameworks that inform their understanding of musical materials and practices as well as how music participates in cultural discourse. Furthermore, students at all levels are encouraged to apply this knowledge to their own lives as musicians, through creative research in performance, analysis, composition, musicology, and interdisciplinary scholarship.

Every day in the classroom, members of the Musicianship faculty seek to guide, inspire, and challenge students on the pathway toward becoming skilled, knowledgeable, and passionately dedicated musicians. Students benefit from having full-time professors dedicated to their musical development. Class sizes are small (15 - 20 students), ensuring that professors are able to assess each individual's strengths and weaknesses. There is always a helping hand for those who may be struggling, just as there is advice and guidance for those who seek to further expand their skills.

It is important to note that the members of the Musicianship Department are, above all else, musicians themselves. The faculty is comprised of active performers, composers, and researchers whose work contributes not only to the artistic community of Western Pennsylvania, but also to the global community of musicians. With performances, publications, fellowships, and presentations spanning the United States as well as Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, our faculty stands in contact with the most vital musical developments throughout the world. While the faculty brings a wealth of professional experience to the School of Music, our principle objective is to translate this experience into great teaching. Particularly on the graduate level but with attention to outstanding undergraduates as well, students are encouraged to develop their own innovative scholarly projects. Following the advice of their faculty mentors, it is not uncommon for students to submit their creative work to academic publications or conferences.

Musicianship Faculty