Mary Pappert School of Music Partners with ACHIEVA

Mary Pappert School of Music Partners with ACHIEVA

This year, the Mary Pappert School of Music began a partnership with ACHIEVA, an agency dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities and their families. At ACHIEVA, each individual is paired with an Employment Specialist, and together, they look for community-based opportunities to gain field experience in industries that interest the individual (and in many cases, to look for potential employment).

In collaboration with ACHIEVA personnel, three areas within our school were determined to be ideal for this partnership:

  1. General administration and office assistance (coordinated by Jane Cubbison, Office Manager)
  2. Box office and ticketing (coordinated by Steve Groves, Manager of Musical Events)
  3. Logistical support and concert stage management (coordinated by Tom Haas, Operations Manager)

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following people for their help coordinating this partnership and also for the assistance they have provided:

  • Erik and Employment Specialist, Melanie Babcock
  • Rachael "Grace" and Employment Specialist, Cara Alvarez (and Rachael's service dog, Beverley)
  • Ben and Employment Specialist, Cynthia Brown
  • Greg and Employment Specialist, John Kuhn
  • Gillian and Employment Specialist, Madeline Frech (and Gillian's service dog, Ellwood)
  • Tim and Employment Specialist, Kara Brown
  • Patrick Joyce, Employment Manager
  • Dove Shullo, Employment Planning Specialist
  • Lisa Razza, Communications Manager
  • Breanna Zurman, Employment Specialist
  • All of the other people at ACHIEVA who helped create this partnership

In just a short few months, the School of Music's partnership with ACHIEVA has proven to be extremely successful, as is evidenced by continued requests for additional opportunities for members of the ACHIEVA. We are very honored to be an ACHIEVA Community Partner and look forward to a very promising future.


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