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Explore the Recording Complex

The Recording Complex, a fully-equipped, industry-leading recording studio is comprised of four acoustically isolated rooms-a tracking room, vocal isolation room, piano isolation room, and control room. Located on the same floor as the PNC Recital Hall, the two rooms can be connected to provide larger-scale recording capabilities to the primary performance hall in the school.

Control Room (Room 110)

A Solid State Logic AWS 948 recording console is the centerpiece of the control room and brings together the best of both analog and digital realms. Supported by an Avid 32-channel interface, you can use ProTools and Logic for digital recording, or you can experience a more retro recording process using the Otari Mx5050 4 track or Amex ATR100 tape recorders. A full complement of outboard gear, as well as a complete microphone locker helps you to explore your sonic ideas. PMC studio monitors complete the Recording Complex's listening experience.

Piano and Vocal Isolation Rooms (Room 109A)

In addition to housing one of our two Production Suites, the Piano Isolation Room features a concert grand piano. In combination with the adjacent Vocal Isolation Room, the Recording Complex can accommodate any number of instruments and/or vocalists that need to be isolated during tracking.

Tracking Room (Room 109)

Equipment Locker (Room 109)

The tracking room is well-suited in size to record a jazz band or rock ensemble and is outfitted with all the amplifiers, synthesizers, pedalboards, and processors that you would find in any first-class studio setting.

Production Suite (Room 102)

Also associated with the Recording Complex are two Production Suites-Production Suite A (Room 102) and Production Suite B (Room 109A)-designed for you to track, edit, and mix audio, or input MIDI using ProTools, Logic, Finale, and other software and plugins. Supported by East West Orchestra and Mach 5, you will be able to sonically realize your compositions and arrangements before you even take them into the studio. These rooms function very much as a "home studio" setting for personal exploration.

Sample Equipment Profiles

(for a full list of equipment, or more details, please contact Thomas Kikta, Chair of Commercial Music, Media, and Jazz at

Mixing Console
Solid State Logic AWS 948 - 48x8x2 recording console

Recording software
AVID ProTools HDX - with HD I/O 16x16 (x2), Logic Pro X

Tape Machines
Ampex ATR 100, Otari MTR 10, Otari MX5050

Outboard gear
API 527, Neve 543, Neve 517(x2), Chameleon Labs 7802, Chameleon Labs 7720, DBX Project 1 (x2), DBX 560A (X2), DBX 131 EQ, TC Electronics M-1, TC Electronics M2000, Yamaha SPX990, Sony R7

PMC twotwo.6 nearfield monitors, Mymix headphone mixing system

Featured instruments
Mellotron, Pearl Masters drum set