pnc recital hall

PNC Recital Hall

Dedicated in 2001, the PNC Recital Hall provides an intimate performance space for faculty and student recitals, as well as small chamber group performances, and comfortably seats an audience of 250. The stage is large enough to accommodate a small orchestra, and the live acoustics make it ideal for chamber music and solo performance. The hall is equipped with two Model D nine-foot Steinway concert grand pianos that are among the finest in the Pittsburgh region, as well as a 2-manual harpsichord by Anderson H. Dupree. A built-in audio/visual system enables technology students to present multimedia performance projects complete with video projection and surround sound.

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Audience Perspective

Stage Perspective

PNC Recital Hall performances can be recorded in both audio and video from a dedicated recording room backstage via a remote-controlled high definition PTZ camera, as well as a pair of DPA Compact 4011 cardioid microphones and a spaced pair of DPA SMK4061 omnidirectional microphones suspended above the stage. The recital hall stage can also be tied into the adjacent Recording Complex for more involved multi-track recording sessions. Acoustics can be varied by retracting or deploying the heavy draperies surrounding the stage, and the stage is fully equipped with several movable acoustic shell panels.

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Each year, many students and faculty utilize the PNC Recital Hall for recitals and concerts. In addition, the room also doubles as a classroom/lecture space for larger classes and guest artist master classes. A portable SMART board for high-definition, interactive presentations is available for use in both the PNC Recital Hall and the PNC Recital Hall lobby.

PNC Recital Hall Lobby

The PNC Recital Hall Lobby is a multi-purpose space acoustically isolated from the recital hall and is equipped for hosting receptions with an adjacent kitchen. Two large-screen televisions and a sound system capable of simulcasting live events inside the hall are also available.

In addition, the lobby is routinely used as a classroom (movement classes, such as Eurhythmics), making use of a concealed whiteboard and the aforementioned audio/visual amenities.

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