About the Bayer School

As members of the Bayer School community, students contribute to scientific advancement as they prepare for exciting and rewarding careers in environmental and forensic sciences, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Participation in nationally funded research projects and academic and career guidance from dedicated faculty mentors offer students of the Bayer School a comprehensive, individualized educational experience.

Groundbreaking Academic Programs

Groundbreaking academic programs reflect the school’s innovative spirit. Our well-established programs in biological sciences, chemistry, and physics emphasize novel integrated laboratory experiences, through which students use state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Recent additions include a degree in environmental science and one of the nation’s only forensic science degrees with a fully integrated law component. Students can tailor their education through dual-degree options, which combine a Bachelor of Science degree with a Master’s degree in environmental science and management or education.Research and Community Service Programs

Research and Community Service Programs

Research and community service projects take learning outside the classroom. A unique Undergraduate Research Program enables students to work side-by-side with faculty, graduate students, and research fellows toward breakthroughs in molecular genetics, developmental biology, biochemistry, synthetic chemistry, and more. Student participants present their research at on-campus and national meetings and also appear as co-authors in professional journals.

In keeping with Duquesne University's mission - to provide education as a balance of intellect and personal values - the Undergraduate Research Program is supplemented with seminars, community service programs, ethics training and activities.

Pittsburgh’s Scientific Community

Pittsburgh’s scientific community is an invaluable resource. Greater Pittsburgh is home to a number of research and industry giants as well as a vast biomedical community that welcome Bayer School students for internships and employment. Nationally renowned and award-winning on-campus student organizations provide invaluable professional growth opportunities.

On their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders, graduates of the Bayer School find rewarding and successful careers in a wide spectrum of professions and are recruited by the nation’s most prestigious graduate, law, and medical schools.