Children's Hospital


Children’s Hospital is world-renowned for its outstanding clinical services, research programs and medical education in pediatric care. Children’s Hospital cares for children of all ages, from infants through adolescents, from all over the world and many of them stay at the hospital for extended care.

child being treated at Children's HospitalWithin Children’s Hospital, there are playrooms on every floor designed to help those children who are admitted to the hospital feel more comfortable in their unfamiliar surroundings through play. The playrooms are run and sponsored through the Child Life and Volunteer Services Department. Playrooms are Medical-Free Zones so that children can completely enjoy play and have a little escape from the other parts of the hospital.

For those children in isolation who are not healthy enough to come down to the play rooms, volunteers make bedside visits. Duquesne students volunteered from January 7, 2011 through April 8, 2011 to play with the children or making a craft.

On April 9, 2011, our student volunteers held a toy drive to help replenish the toys available for the children.


“Getting all of the toys and other items cleaned, sanitized and distributed between playrooms was an important job to undertake. Every week I spend at Children’s, I find another child’s life that I can touch and help to make better. I truly believe that the time that I have spent with the children that I have come into contact with has helped them in their healing process and has made them feel as if they are just a normal kid.”

— Samantha Perkins