STEM Stars is a collaborative project of the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh's TechGYRLS program and Carnegie Science Center's GEMS (Girls Engage in Math and Science) program. The purpose of STEM Stars is to improve academic achievement and increase interest in, and awareness of, STEM topics and careers among economically disadvantaged girls; and decrease opportunity gaps that negatively impact these girls' successful matriculation through the STEM education pipeline and into STEM careers. STEM Stars targets 1000 economically disadvantaged middle school girls. It provides reading, math and science remediation and enrichment as well as hands-on project-based STEM activities, life skills developments, mentoring, pre-college experiences and STEM career exploration.


"Through this experience I have realized how much of a difference I can make in the lives of these girls. I can really tell that this program is increasing their interests in science and helping them think about their everyday lives in a science point of view. I had a blast spending time with the girls."

- Courtney Au-Yeung

"Volunteering as a mentor in the STEM Stars program has given me the opportunity to share my own knowledge and experience in the sciences with girls at a very impressionable age. I really enjoyed getting to know these girls and being able to serve as a positive role model for them. "

- Lauren Drumm