Water Walk


Amizade, the Portuguese word for friendship, was set up as a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting volunteerism, providing community service, encouraging collaboration, and students at Water Walkimproving cultural awareness in locations throughout the world. Amizade was designed to collaborate with existing community-based organizations to develop projects which are both beneficial to the community and enjoyable to the volunteers.

In 2011, Duquesne students hosted the 4th Annual Water Walk, in which students organized a 1.5 mile walk to showcase water shortages in Tanzania. Women in Tanzania often walk miles to obtain water for daily activities and often this water is not even considered safe to drink, by our standards. Water Walk not only teaches the community about the difficulties of life for families in Tanzania, it also raises money to build water tanks in Tanzanian communities.


“Women and children in many African countries walk 6 km (approximately 4 miles) on average every day to get the water they need. The Water Walk can help bring community members together and unite them as they walk for a cause. It brings awareness to the community about the global water crises, particularly in Africa. This event can also inspire members to become more conservative about their water use.”

— Elizabeth Colesano