Pine Creek: Trout Unlimited Stream Restoration

Effects on Pine Creek

Community Partner

“The first rise on a quiet morning. A perfect cast into a promising river. A day spent fishing with your kids, on a stream you’ve known since childhood.” This is what Trout Unlimited is all about. We are 140,000 conservation-minded anglers united behind a simple philosophy: take care of the fish, and the fishing will take care of itself. Trout Unlimited was formed in 1959 and since has played the leading role in protecting America’s trout and salmon fisheries. They do this by combining restoration efforts, scientific research and effective advocacy. Trout Unlimited works at the state and federal levels providing a stable level for fisheries around the nation. Trout Unlimited worked with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission at Pine Creek to build and design the embankments.


The concept of Science at the Service of Society is a concept that we feel is very important to society and it’s functioning. Serving the community by applying our scientific knowledge has not only helped to better society but also gave us an opportunity to develop key characteristics of leadership.


In order to sample the fish population, the process of electroshocking was performed. The fish were then netted to be identified and counted. The stretch of Pine Creek was sampled before and after the installation of deflectors along the stream bank. The data was then analyzed to see if there was an effect. A third sampling took place at a location that already had deflectors installed, to see if the fish population was benefiting from the structures.


The study that was performed allows for the scientific community to reach out and let the lay community know what their hard work has accomplished. There are too many volunteer projects that leave people in the dark after they put forth a day’s effort of hard work. The members of Trout Unlimited were more than pleased to see how their efforts have improved the waterway and now when asked for their help again they will more than likely step up to the challenge.