Science in the Spiritan Tradition

The mission of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences is to provide students with a high quality education in the natural sciences, and to advance scientific knowledge and improve society through teaching, research and engagement, thereby contributing to Duquesne University's mission of serving God by serving students.

The Bayer School has a deep tradition of looking forward, reaching out and giving back by supporting initiatives on campus, throughout the Pittsburgh region, and in global communities. Our graduates are the future of science. They are charged with transforming today's complex and changing world into opportunities for current and future generations, and serving humankind through a deep commitment to service learning, community engagement and education.

Projects and initiatives in the Bayer School that promote Duquesne's Spiritan Mission also promote student involvement and adhere to the mission of the National Academy of Science in that many contribute to the health, education, and welfare of all the world's citizens. Students in the Bayer School contribute to the larger effort of serving the common good and exploring various ways in which faith and service lie at the heart of a Duquesne education. Bayer School faculty and students are proud of the many ways they live Duquesne's Spiritan Mission, including: