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Faculty and Staff

Department of Biological Sciences


Dr. Joseph R. McCormick
Chair and Associate Professor
Genetic dissection of prokaryotic cytokinesis.

201 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4775
Dept. Secretary Phone: 412.396.6332
                          Dept. Fax: 412.396.5907
                          Email: mccormick@duq.edu


Dr. Philip E. Auron

Eukaryotic gene regulation and signal transduction.

232 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5657
Email: auronp@duq.edu

Dr. Elisabeth Chalovich
Assistant Professor
Human physiology, neuropathology and science education.

213A Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6324
Email: chaloviche@duq.edu

Dr. Jan JaneckaDr. Jan E. Janecka
Assistant Professor
Genomics and conservation biology.

236 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5640
Email: janeckaj@duq.edu

Dr. Wook KimDr. Wook Kim
Assistant Professor

Molecular and ecological mechanisms of microbial interaction.

Office: 244A Mellon Hall
Lab: 244 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6319
Email: kimw1@duq.edu

Dr. Benedict Kolber PhotoDr. Benedict Kolber
Associate Professor 
Research and Education Coordinator, Chronic Pain Research Consortium

Brain control of pain and stress.

260 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.1704
Email: kolberb@duq.edu

Dr. David Lampe
Microbial control of insect transmitted diseases.

209 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6322
Email: lampe@duq.edu

Dr. Lisa LudvicoDr. Lisa Ludvico
Assistant Professor
Forensic DNA and science education.

213C Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6680
Email: Ludvico@duq.edu

Dr. Becky MorrowDr. Becky Morrow
Assistant Professor
Pathophysiology, comparative physiology, veterinary medicine and science education.

213B Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6317
Email: morrowb@duq.edu

Dr. Jana Patton-VogtDr. Jana Patton-Vogt
Molecular genetics of phospholipid metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

206A Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.1053
Email: pattonvogt@duq.edu

Dr. John A. Pollock
Co-Director, Chronic Pain Research Consortium
Multi-gene analysis of neural fate determination: Signal transduction to transcriptional regulation in the developing fly eye.

222A Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5565
Cell Phone: 412.855.4043
                          Email: pollock@duq.edu

Dr. Brady PorterDr. Brady Porter
Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Genetics of natural populations, evolution, molecular ecology of fishes.

229 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5786
Email: porterb@duq.edu

Dr. Michael SeamanDr. Michael Seaman
Associate Professor
Molecular evolution and population genetics of primates, genome evolution.

218 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4597
Email: seamanm@duq.edu

Dr. Kyle SelcerDr. Kyle Selcer
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
Role of estrogens and androgens in reproduction and cancer.

241 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5967
Email: selcer@duq.edu

Dr. John StolzDr. John F. Stolz
Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education
Professor, Environmental Microbiology

Environmental microbiology, anaerobic respiration, biomineralization, and bioremediation.

215 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6333
Email: stolz@duq.edu

Dr. Nancy TrunDr. Nancy Trun
Associate Professor
Chromosome folding in bacteria and application-based service learning (ABSL) as an educational model.

256 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.1853
Email: trun@duq.edu

Dr. Charles WelshDr. Charles J. Welsh
Assistant Professor
Comparative anatomy, ornithology, and evolution.

E102A Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.2306
Email: welshc@duq.edu

Dr. Sarah WoodleyDr. Sarah Woodley
Associate Professor
Effects of Environmental Stressors on Amphibian Reproduction and Health; Neuroendocrinology of Chemical Communication.

225A Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6320
Email:  woodleys@duq.edu

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Peter CastricDr. Peter Castric
Professor Emeritus

Glycosylation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pili.

Office Phone: 412.396.6319
Email: castric@duq.edu

Research Associates and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Elizabeth DakinDr. Elisabeth Dakin
Research Associate (Porter Lab/CERE)

233 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.1104
Email: dakine@duq.edu

Dr. Tetiana KondratyukDr. Tetiana Cantlay
Research Associate (Stolz Lab)

216 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.4867
Email: cantlayt@duq.edu

Staff - Administration and Technical Support


Terri WidenhoferTerri Widenhofer
Financial Manager

201 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.5961
Email: widenhofert@duq.edu

Pam Ferchak
Administrative Assistant

201 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.6332
Email: ferchak@duq.edu

Technical Support

Kim NathKim Nath
Laboratory Manager

249A Mellon Hall
Phone:  412.396.1129
E-mail: nath@duq.edu

Lalitha Rajakumar
Laboratory Administrator

250A Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.5039
Email: rajakuma@duq.edu

Grant BarberGrant Barber
Lab Tech I (Kolber Lab)

262 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.2376
Email: barberg@duq.edu

Jason HemingDr. Jason Heming
Lab Tech I

246 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.6318
Email: hemingj@duq.edu

Jeevitha JeevanJeevitha Jeevan
Lab Tech I (McCormick Lab)

Phone: 412.396.4365
Email: jeevanj@duq.edu

Madison DeAlesandroMadison DiAlesandro
Lab Tech I

Phone: 412.396.2575
Email: dialesandrom@duq.edu