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Annual Mini-Symposium on Metals in Biological Systems


Format of Accepted Abstracts

Title of Written Abstract (in bold)
Authors (Last name, First name; Last name, First name; etc.)
Academic Department

Abstract: The title, authors, and text of your abstract must be in Arial 10 pt., 150 words or less.

Preparing Your Abstract

  1. Abstracts should be 150 words or less. Abstracts may not contain graphics.
  2. Create the abstract text file before submission. Do not include author names or footnotes in the text.
  3. Collect your author names and complete affiliations. You will also need complete contact information, including an email address and phone number for the principal author (you).
  4. You must submit and complete any changes before the deadline.

Styles to Observe

  1. The title is in sentence case, with only the first letter of the title capitalized except words that are proper nouns, acronyms, or words that follow a colon.
Here's an example: Theories on recombinant DNA: Chemical separation of gummybears
  1. The title is not in bold or italics, except as needed (for example foreign words)
  2. The title does not begin with The or A (these will be removed by our editors)
  3. The abstract text does not contain the word "Abstract" or any author names
  4. The abstract text does not contain footnotes
  5. The author names do not contain titles or suffixes (suffixes like "III" can be selected). Use the format of last name first, with authors separated by semicolons.
Here's an example: Ricardo, Carolynn; Matosziuk, Laura M.; Evanseck, Jeffrey D.; Pintauer, Tomisalv